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Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

India is becoming a leading manufacturing hub, services center and consumer market. Thus, international trade has been steadily increasing. Partex Aeromarine Logistics offers ocean freight services to a large portion of this vast market, currently ranked 5th in India among ocean freight providers.

Our core business offering is ocean freight forwarding to service the large loads of cargo required by international businesses. Due to the large volume of goods shipped by us, we can negotiate the best price from shipping lines for our customers. We have extensive experience in handling both general and specialized shipments to over 500 ports around the world.

Our own offices handle your cargo on both sides of the ocean, ensuring secure, efficient and cost-effective delivery. Our widespread agency network ensures that we are on hand to deliver customer satisfaction.

Our integrated operational style, with our on-ground service capabilities, ensures access to unlimited capacity for your cargo – anytime, anywhere and in any quantity.